Senior Front-End Engineer

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Senior Front-End Engineer

Senior Frontend Engineer

  • Position: Permanent

  • Role: Engineering

  • Scope: Individual Contributor

Who we are

The #1 solution for integrating the CRM with LinkedIn, Surfe is on a mission to transform the way salespeople interact with their CRM.

We improve the productivity of sales people and help increase business profitability.

Value proposition

We serve Sales Teams, who want to save time on administrative tasks and drive productivity.

Our solution:

  • eliminates the need for manual data entry

  • enhances data quality through contact info enrichment

  • enables ease of visibility into CRM data, such as contact, lead, and deal statuses

  • elevates the role of the Sales Representative beyond manual data entry allowing them to focus on work they are good at and that they enjoy

  • reduces costs and increases productivity.

Surfe integrates CRMs such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Copper and Salesloft.

Surfe helps teams sell easier and better by bringing their chosen CRM to where they work and syncing across critical data sources.


Having launched just over three years ago, Surfe have experienced rapid growth and the company has become one of France’s major SalesTech companies to watch. Since inception in 2020, Surfe has achieved:

  • 15k+ users served

  • 4M€ fundraising

  • 4.7/5 average marketplace rating

  • Diverse team of 15 nationalities

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The challenge? Scale!

  • Reach 5M€ ARR by the end of 2024

  • Consolidate our growth strategy

  • Position Surfe as a scalable self-serve / low-touch SaaS

The Role

You are

  • An experienced Frontend Software Engineer with 5+ years of experience, preferably using React and TypeScript

  • Comfortable working on a product with thousands of daily users

  • Capable of reasoning around technical and product constraints, and analyzing the tradeoffs of potential solutions

  • Comfortable working and communicating within a cross-functional team

  • Not afraid to lead by example

You should

  • Care for delivering high-quality work that delights users, with a keen eye for UI/UX details

  • Be familiar with concepts pertaining to overall performance in the context of Web Development

  • Be willing to participate and even lead technical discussions involving topics such as software architecture, performance and general improvements to our Engineering practices and culture

  • Care for engineering excellence

  • Be opinionated but not be inflexible

  • Have an attitude of continuous learning and self-improvement

The day-to-day

  • Work within a multidisciplinary Product team, closely with Product Manager, Designer and other Engineering roles

  • Collaborate within your team and others to ideate, plan and iteratively build and deliver product features

  • Build user-facing capabilities with beautiful and scalable UI components

  • Collaborate with other Frontend Engineers inside and outside of your team, mainly through team rituals and code reviews

  • Collaborate with Engineers at large to propose improvements to our Engineering ways of working and culture

  • Actively take part in consolidating an inclusive culture based on trust, mutual respect and transparency


  • You’re familiar with Tailwind

  • You’ve done something with Chrome extensions before

  • You’ve worked with Design Systems and Component Libraries before

  • You’re familiar with testing methodologies and tools

  • Familiarity with Docker

  • Familiarity with GitHub Actions

  • You’ve worked before within Product teams in a startup/scaleup context

  • You’ve lead teams, formally or informally

The Stack

  • React, TypeScript & Tailwind

  • Chrome extensions API

  • Our own Design system and React component library (documented with Storybook)

  • Docker

  • GitHub, GitHub Actions

  • Collaboration tools: Linear App, Notion, Slack, Figma

What we offer

  • 50,000-70,000€ depending on profile and contract

  • Equity package

  • Challenging and interesting work

  • A healthy work environment where we strive for few interruptions, few meetings and “low touch” management

  • Full-remote work, flexible working hours

  • 5 week paid holidays

  • Stipend to set up your home office

  • Regular team events in Paris and yearly offsite

  • Paid co-working space

  • Equity package

  • Other advantages guaranteed by the French law, if applicable to your legal place of residence (healthcare insurance, meal vouchers, parental leave, sick days…)

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